Ekin Oklap on ‘The Red-Haired Woman’ and translating Orhan Pamuk

September 29, 2017

Turkey Book Talk episode #48 – EKIN OKLAP on translating Orhan Pamuk into English and the release of “THE RED-HAIRED WOMAN” (Faber), the second novel she has worked on with Pamuk.

Download the episode or listen below:

Here’s my review of the book at HDN.

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The Red Haired Woman

As mentioned in the episode, here is an earlier episode with Pamuk’s previous translator, Maureen Freely, discussing the tragic life of Sabahattin Ali and her translation of his classic 1943 novel “Madonna in a Fur Coat”:


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2 Responses to “Ekin Oklap on ‘The Red-Haired Woman’ and translating Orhan Pamuk”

  1. Candia Says:

    Heard Orhan Pamuk at The Cheltenham Festival. Didn’t buy this book but purchased ‘Silent House’ instead. Loved ‘Istanbul.’

  2. A book that has the traces of Author’s style as a rule.

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