Support for post-earthquake relief efforts

February 12, 2023

It has been heartening to see international support flowing into relief groups, charities and foundations in the immediate aftermath of the 6 February earthquakes that hit southern Turkey and northern Syria.

The needs are overwhelming. A considerable challenge awaits aid and rehabilitation efforts for the millions of affected people in the coming weeks, months and years, once international media coverage moves on.

For Turkey Book Talk listeners keen to support groups on the ground, here is a list of independent organisations to consider donating to:

  • Ahbap – A trusted NGO in Turkey founded by musician Haluk Levent. In recent years Ahbap has worked to support needy people across the country, particularly rising to prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ahbap has been active in relief efforts since the earthquakes. You can donate to Ahbap here.
  • Akut – Turkey’s top volunteer search and rescue organization. Click here to donate directly.
  • The Turkish Philanthropy Funds – Another US-based group reportedly supported by, among others, Hamdi Ulukaya, the businessman who founded food company Chobani. Click here to donate to their earthquake relief.
  • Needs Map (İhtiyaç Haritası) – A Turkey-based platform, linked to the Turkish Philanthropy Funds, that is currently working on a live map through which you will be able to search for a cause to support that suits you. You can also donate here to the organisation.
  • Support to Life – A local, trusted organisation focused on Hatay. Support here.
  • Karam Foundation – Supports Syrian refugees in Turkey and across the region. It has set up an emergency fund for post-earthquake efforts, which can be found here.
  • The White Helmets – One of the few rescue and aid groups able to work in areas of northern Syria outside the control of the Assad government. Support here.

PS. Turkey Book Talk will not be posting an episode on 14 February. Our next episode will be published on 21 February.

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