Turkey Book Talk membership update – Review archive added

October 12, 2018

Hello all!

Just a quick message here to announce an upgrade to Turkey Book Talk’s membership system.

As you may know, I stopped writing weekly reviews for Hurriyet Daily News back in July. The archive of my reviews was still standing for a few months but it now seems to have been wiped from history (ie. the HDN website) – apart from a few pieces that apparently weren’t filed properly.

Rather than let all that work just disappear, I’ve decided to add the archive of almost five years (231 articles) to the Turkey Book Talk membership system. The reviews cover a pretty diverse spread of subjects from Turkish and international fiction and poetry to history, journalism, politics, the Middle East and Europe. They are filed under 13 different categories so hopefully it’s fairly straightforward to browse through them. I’m sure that you will find it rich and rewarding!

Existing members have received the archive as PDFs in a RAR folder via email. New members will receive it along with all the other extras that a Turkey Book Talk membership brings for $3 per episode.

Have a look at Turkey Book Talk’s Patreon account for details on how to join as a member and support Turkey Book Talk.

As always, many thanks to all members and listeners.



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